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Believing the Bible from the first verse!

The San Antonio Bible Based Science Association (SABBSA) meets from 7 to 9 pm the second Tuesday of each month at Faith Lutheran Church just south of the corner of Jones Maltsberger and Thousand Oaks. The address is 14819 Jones Maltsberger Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78247.

Next SABBSA Meeting:
Tuesday, January 11, 2022, at 7 pm

Coming to SABBSA in January

SABBSA Authors Night

You may not know it, but SABBSA has two board members who have published books. We will take the first meeting of the year to review these books produced by our own.

Engineer Terry Read is a sponsor and originator of our radio program "Believing the Bible." He will talk about his book "Why Should I Believe? Why Should You Believe?" This book explains Terry's mental trek going from his church's teaching that the Bible and science were separate belief systems which could not intersect. To a knowledge that the Bible's original texts were inerrant and that the Bible and science are perfectly compatible. This book is available on his website "Why Should You Believe?" and the Walmart website in hardcover, softcover and e-book.

Dr. Carl Williams has been somewhat prolific in his writing, authoring six books to date including "The Rock and the Sword" a Christian fiction novella. He also has authored a series of Christian fiction books called the "Adventures of John Moses Doe" available on Amazon and Goodreads in softcover and e-book. This Christian sci-fi series launches the career of a down and out orphan who is mysteriously transformed into a superhuman. Follow along while he begins to uncover who he really is and how being stronger and faster than everyone else on the planet isn't necessarily a gift.

Both authors will share a synopsis of their books that night, as well as tell you where you can get them and have their books for sale.

We will also have SABBSA membership renewals and board elections that night as we do each January.

Please join us in January for creation science and biblical apologetics teaching you will find nowhere else in Bexar County. Our current COVID protocols are masks optional for all individuals who have been vaccinated or have had COVID-19, and all children.


SABBSA does a weekly radio program called "Believing the Bible" on radio station KSLR, AM 630 "The Word in South Texas" serving the San Antonio area. We invite you to tune in each Saturday at 1:45 pm for this program which will bring you information on creation science and biblical apologetics found nowhere else in South Texas.

If you cannot tune in at that time or would like to sample our program or hear previous shows, they are available on podcast on the KSLR website. Click on the link below to go to the KSLR podcast page and scroll down till you find "Believing the Bible." Believing the Bible is now heard in twelve media markets across the U.S. as well as in 120 countries!

Go to our calendar page for the schedule of upcoming radio programs!

"Believing the Bible" - SABBSA on KSLR Radio

SABBSA on YouTube!

You asked for it and you got it. Ten full length multimedia creation presentations by SABBSA President Scott Lane, and three by SABBSA Board Member Dr. Daniel Harris have now been loaded on YouTube for you to view at your pleasure. Links to each one are shown below.

Many thanks to Board Member Ed Salzwedel who spent countless hours editing and transforming these talks into movie and DVD formats!

Underpinnings: Fossils, Physics, Genetics and Babel

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution - Intelligent Design

Introduction to Creation Theories

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Biology and Missing Links

The DeFaithing of America: Creation and the Courts

What if God Wrote the Bible?

Lucy Unveiled and Bad Examples of Evolution

What About Contradictions in the Bible?

The Discovery of Genesis in Chinese!

Young Earth Evidences

Dr. Daniel Harris - A Young Creation - Part 1

Dr. Daniel Harris - A Young Creation - Part 2

Dr. Daniel Harris - A Young Creation - Part 3

YouTube links to vidoes of recent SABBSA meetings.

9 Feb 2021 Global Warming

9 Mar 2021 DNA Battles: Were Adam & Eve Historical

13 April 2021 Universe Battles: Big Bang or Big Design

11 May 2021 Earth Battles: How Old is It?

8 June 2021 Meeting Recording: Testing Evolution: Exposing Flaws

BRING SABBSA TO YOU! -   Please visit the RESOURCE tab for details on how to have SABBSA bring a seminar to your facility or organization. Our members have been presenting the Biblical truths of creation for many years and we can tailor a seminar for your specific group in terms of age, interests and depth. For more information, please contact us at 210-861-0454 or 210-599-7240.