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Available from SABBSA
  1. 1 or 2 hour overview presentations of the Creation-Evolution Questions or specific topic presentations.

  2. 3-12 hour (or 3 to 12 week) seminar over the entire Creation-Evolution debate with a focus on its impact on Christianity and science (See the SABBSA CREATION TOPICS listed below for specific seminar topics. Included in this list is the new "Answers for Life" Seminar!).

  3.  Video Seminars: Choose from the 6 part "Origins" Film series,
    (Click here to see a synopsis of each Origin's video) the 12 part "Discover Creation Series" from Alpha Omega Institute or the new 12 part "Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis" from the Institute for Creation Research..  Each video is 30 minutes in length followed by a question/answer/discussion session.
    Click here to see a complete summary of the offerings from AOI.

  4.  "Demolishing Strongholds" from Answers in Genesis. These half-hour videos are presented by: Ken Ham, Bill Jack, Carl Kerby, & Dr. Charles Ware. For teens (of all ages). Inspire your young people to go to the next level in their Christian walk! Equip them to live out their faith—at school and in all areas of life—with this cutting-edge series." The series will be moderated by SABBSA board member Dr. Carl Williams, who will do Q & A after each session. Also, three children's curricula are available, including two complete VBS programs! Click here to see more about our offerings from AIG.

  5.  We will structure a presentation just for your desire or needs.  We will come on a "love offering" basis, or come with no honorarium up front and let you decide what the program is worth, or we will come for free for organizations with few resources. What and whether you pay for our services is totally up to you!

SABBSA CREATION TOPICS  (all topics are colorful, hour long multimedia presentations which we will deliver at your site with a trained presenter)

What If God Wrote the Bible? - Don't let this provocative title scare you. The focus of this presentation is to show that God left his fingerprint on His word and His world. If God did write the Bible, He would have left six types of evidences: Genesis would be the first Origin story of all (and we would find elements of it in most other creation accounts); Historical (biblical accounts verified by historical records) ; Writing History in Advance; Cohesiveness (how the whole Bible hangs together due to one original author); Protection of His Words; and Prescience (the Bible is not a book of science, but there are places where God showed his full understanding of science thousands of years ahead of man). This highly evangelical presentation counters claims that science has disproven the Bible and reassures us that we can stand firmly on God's word without compromise! If you can see just one of our presentations, this is the one!

Creation and the Courts: The DeFaithing of America - traces two parallel themes in our history of how we came from being a country which in 1776 was based on faith in God, to one today where faith in God is being sterilized from our society. It details the court cases which led us from a nation where in 1925 public schools could only teach creation, to today where public schools can now only teach evolution. It includes updates on current events issues. In this session we examine the implications of continued indoctrination in evolutionary thought on our society and our youth.

Introduction to Creation Theories - this presentation covers the full continuum of theories between evolution and creation. It includes capsules on the compromise theories of scientific creationism, gap theory, day/age theory, intelligent design, progressive creationism, and theistic evolution. It sets the stage for all further presentations.

Darwin and Radiometric Dating presents background on Darwin's life and insights into the development of his theory. It then explains the several dating methods used by scientists to date rocks and fossils. Two products of this presentation are to understand where evolution theory came from, and how radiometric dating has easy to see weaknesses which call all dates derived from them into question.

Underpinnings: Fossils, Physics, Genetics and Babel presents the fallacy of the geologic column. It explores how fossils are made and how both of these evidences support creationism. It is shown that creationism conforms to the first two laws of thermodynamics, while evolution violates them! We see multiple evidences of this planet Earth being a very specially designed place made just for us. We include evidence in genetics for the fixity of the kinds as described in Genesis chapters 1 and 2. Finally, we explore evidence for the reality of Babel from historical records and linguistics.

Young Earth Evidences This striking presentation shows that there is far more scientific evidence for a relatively young Earth than for an exceedingly old one. These evidences fit well into the creation theory and coincide with a biblical timescale, but they are devastating to evolution which requires massive amounts of time. We also show a wealth of evidence that this world was completely transformed about 5000 years ago by a worldwide flood. It is amazing not only how much evidence there is to verify the biblical timeline, but how all of this is being kept from the public.

Biology and Intelligent Design: Animals that Defy Evolution! Shows how the field of biology tears down evolutionary theory. It vividly presents with pictures and video examples of God's design in nature ranging from the intricacies of the human eye, to the sea slug, the bombardier beetle, and symbiotic relationships between organisms. This presentation is a hit with students in schools. It comes in elementary, middle school and high school formats.

Biology and Intelligent Design: Animals that Defy Evolution! (Adult Version) Shows how the field of biology tears down evolutionary theory. It first presents what has been done in the field including synthesizing DNA and cloning and shows how creation has no problem with these accomplishments. We then present examples of God's design in nature ranging from the intricacies of the human eye, to the sea slug, the bombardier beetle, and symbiotic relationships between organisms. We also explore how evolution's recapitulation theory has been disproved by evolutionists, but it is still being used in some places to substantiate abortion.

Biology and Missing Links: Lucy Unveiled We begin by showing more evidences of animals which defy evolution and declare Gods design in nature. We then show how all of the supposed missing links between man and apes have been exposed as not being transitional forms through years of analysis. Finally we see how the horse series, whale evolution and peppered moths have been disproved as evidence for evolution.

Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome This presentation starts with a "DNA 101 Course" for the uninitiated. It covers most of the information with creationist implications in the field of genetics. It includes data from: the Human Genome Project; ENCODE Project; ICR's "Species Project"; and the work of former Cornell University genetics professor, Dr. John Sanford. It reveals the complexity of how information is coded in the genome, and how this shows it could not have occurred by chance. Dr. Sanford's work reveals how his study of genetics have led him to the conclusion that evolution is impossible at the genetic level and how natural selection is a woefully inadequate process for allowing evolution to occur. This presentation includes the latest research dispelling myths about Human and Chimp DNA. This is one of the two most technical talks we do.

Dinosaurs and the Bible The title says it all. We will see accounts from the Bible of encounters of man with dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus and the Plesiosaur. We show evidence for both the lack of "missing links" between dinosaur kinds and which unveils the incredibly weak evidence for the supposed evolution of dinosaurs into birds. We will see how Noah could have taken dinosaurs onto the Ark. The vast dinosaur graveyards found round the world give great evidence for this deluge and how the bulk of all life on Earth died in it. We will show evidence from South America and around the world which show man lived with dinosaurs very recently. All of this evidence is shown to fit within the creation account from the Bible. This presentation is recommended for schools. It comes in elementary, middle school and high school formats.

The Discovery of Genesis in Chinese Based on the book written by Reverend C. H. Kang and Dr. Ethel Nelson, we present 118 examples of Chinese pictographs and "radicals" which give unmistakeable evidence of the full knowledge of Genesis chapters 1 - 11 some 4500 years ago when the Chinese written language was invented. It shows how the development of this language fits well within the biblical history of the dispersion after Babel and how the Chinese were once a monotheistic people who knew of the God of the Bible and had intimate and detailed knowledge of His word.

Call Scott Lane at 210-599-7240 or 210-861-0454 for details or to book a session.

Answers to Life's Most asked Questions  
The "Beemer Report" reveals that we are losing our youth to a lost and dying world at a startling rate. It also says that we begin losing them in middle school, not college. In response to this data we are offering a program for churches entitled "Answers for Life."

This program attempts to answer the "Big Questions in Life" such as: Is there a God?; Why is there pain and suffering?; Why am I here?; Why do bad things happen to good people? Is there any proof for the Noahic flood and Babel or are they both mythical stories?; What happened to the dinosaurs in a Biblical view of history?; How do we know that the Bible is God's word?; Where did Cain's wife come from?; and Doesn't distant starlight prove the Universe is older than the bible would suggest? These are just a few adult stumpers which our kids in middle school can start asking as their public school science curricula presents data to them. They are also questions which keep youth and adult lost people from coming to Christ!

We need to be prepared with answers for our kids, and for those doubting within our own ranks of adults. This new teaching provides those answers, and more. It will not only enlighten the laymen, but encourage clergy that they need not feel they have to compromise or defer discussions of Bible history to supposed scientific contradictions. It will empower our Sunday School teachers with both answers to frequently held questions of early youth and give them places to go to find answers when kids come up with other more unique questions.

Remember as the late Art Linkletter used to say, "Kids say the darndest things." While that can be amusing, their questions can be dangerous to their faith. Remember that author Dan Brown turned from his faith when he asked his pastor about evolution and the Big Bang, and his only response from the clergyman was "good boys don't ask such questions." We have to be better prepared with answers than that.

This program includes your choice from a list of "Big Questions" to be answered in one, two or four hour time slots. It is also customized, in that your congregation gets to choose the final two+ questions of the seminar. For more information contact Scott Lane at (210) 861-0454 or email us at .

Presentations by Dr. Daniel Harris, PhD

"His Wisdom in the Cell" This multimedia presentation makes it quite clear that we were marvelously designed by a Creator! It explores the intricacies of the designed mechanisms in a living cell. You will come away knowing that there is no such thing as a "simple cell" and that the Creator has left His unmistakable signature in His design of each cell! (110 minutes)

"The Truth About History, Part I" - Dr. Daniel Harris made a considerable contribution to the creation effort with his groundbreaking presentation of "The Truth About History - Part I" to an enthusiastic and standing room only crowd at our April, 2011 meeting.

In this power point talk, Dr. Harris gave us a new detailed timeline for Earth history and events which agrees not only with current scientific evidence, but also with the Bible as well as historical records. His updated presentation places the creation in the year 10,003 BC, with the flood at 5999 BC. New information included the largest structure ever built in Egypt, the Labyrinth, and a greater accumulation of solid evidence of Joseph in Egypt.

The most startling development of his research is the verification of a previously tossed about idea of the ice age not being a direct result of the flood, but of rapid movement of the continents and tectonic plates after the flood. This event included considerable volcanic activity in the deep ocean ridges to spread the sea floor and move the continents, but also contributed to mountain building (as the bible says, "fixing a divide between the waters and the land") This allowed the continents to be moved over a 1000 year period after the flood and the resultant volcanic activity both heated the oceans causing large amounts of evaporation as well as seeded the upper atmosphere with debris which clouded the skies, cutting off enough sunlight to create cooler continents. This is a recipe for the formation of an ice age, and scientific discoveries, historical records and those of the Bible have a good amount of agreement that this all occurred about the time of the life of Peleg in the Bible, which references to these events occurring.

This presentation also includes evidence for the complete drying of the Mediterranean in historical times. (110 minutes with a break)